Hard disk firmware is simply the hard disk factory information. Including the positioning  defect list, hard disk parameters
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Due to external power supply circuit problems, or hard disk power failure, or itself circuit board quality problem, cause circuit board burn
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Circuit board damage

XXX technology co., LTD. Was established in XXX, XXX month, adhering to the "love associated achievement dream to good to beauty, integrity-based" business philosophy, "innovation work the good faith cooperation" as a modern values, after five years of hard work and development, has accumulated rich management experience and market development ability, has a certain scale. With the international well-known brand IT enterprise establishes the cooperation relations.For users to create more value at the same time, our company is devoted to for different groups of users provide higher application requirement. To promote the popularization of new products and the development of the company pace. In the brand planning and product introduction, we constantly inject

Firmware damage
Error format
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Often face computer how to protect 

Eye protection is now white-collar and some workers and students is an

Users in the system after the collapse, and then will be hard disk formatting and reinstall the system, this kind of situation usually

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Commonly used computer of

Methods: shift + 6 (the Lord the keyboard of 6, is Y key to up the 6), the

Computer process management:

System after general optimization (is closed system unnecessary